An engaging network for sports players

What is the Sportverse?

Sportverse is the social aspect to our training platform. Users may create an account and gain access to the following features:

  • Create a profile with their information.
  • Add Teammates, Coaches, and other Players as friends.
  • Directly messages users on the platform.
  • Host public groups to share information, tips & tricks, or ask questions.
  • Get notifications for activity, messages, and more.
  • Gain achievements, certifications, and points based on activity, quiz scores, and more.
  • See other active users.
  • @Mention players for questions and/or comments.
  • And more!

Sportverse not only allows users to compete and stay engaged in courses and training videos, but to have a far better learning experience by asking questions, helping other users, and being in direct communication with professional coaches. Being apart of Sportverse also allows users to have a chance at being our featured player. We feature players based on a number of criteria; for instance their engagement in helping the community, quiz scores, time for completion, training videos watched, and more. Featured players gain special access to the site, can receive free products, and acquire contacts with potential sponsorships.

We encourage users to add their teammates, friends, and coaches within Sportverse to get a better learning experience on our platform. Users that are contributing to the community and helping their fellow teammates will be promoted.