Improve your game with drills, courses, and personal instruction

With hundreds of Baseball drills, Basketball drills, Golf drills and more, Sportversity has sport training drills for everyone. From Youth training drills to D1 drills, no matter your skill level you will learn from our content. With professional players and top rated coaches, you will be learning from the best.

What sets Sportversity apart?

Sportversity not only provides training drills, but also the entire “Sportverse”. Sportverse is a social network for sports players which allows users to connect with each other, create groups, forum discussions, or even connect and talk directly to their coach for personalized instruction. By registering you create an account which will house all of your completed courses, badges & certifications, and more! You can check out more about Sportverse here.

Sportversity will occasionally feature players that are engaged in helping other users, scoring highly on course content, and improving their game. These players will be introduced to our sponsorship networks and have the possibility to gain connections. Players that are featured on our platform will also receive a free membership for life! Our curated content will help you regardless of age, experience or ability level. There are tricks, tips, and drills that have helped transform casual players into top athletes. Learn to think like the pros with personal commentary from professional athletes and coaches.

Through Sportversity, we promise to provide the best possible training content available. All athletes need knowledgeable mentors, and with Sportversity you’re one click away. Here’s an overview of what you receive as both a registered and subscribed user:


  • Access to the Sportverse – messageing, forums, commenting, and more. (Learn more here).
  • Access to hundreds of free video content and the ability to join in on the discussion.
  • Follow your favorite coaches or players and see their activity.

Paid Subscriber:

  • Unlock access to premium professional training content to become a better athlete.
  • New content uploaded monthly from each channel provider.
  • HD training content streamed right to your desktop or mobile device.
  • Keep up to date with the latest drills, tips, and tricks from the best coaches.
  • Complete access to Courses and Forums and direct communication access to your coach or trainer.
  • Gain badges and certifications for completing courses and a chance to be our featured player.