The most robust sports network and training program available

What is Sportversity?

Sportversity is geared toward improving youth players by not only providing the best video training content available, but the social network aspect to keep your youth player engaged. We don’t want players to watch endless training videos, but rather stay engaged with their community, team, and reach out to their coaches. We call this network the Sportverse, and this is what makes it all possible. When registered, players are given access to Sportverse allowing them to add their friends on their team, coaches, and follow their favorite players. This provides players guidance on what courses their fellow teammates are completing, what achievements they are accomplishing, and stay up to date within the community. If a player has a question on a specific drill, move, or anything at all, they are able to ask both their online coach and the community!


Privacy is a big concern of ours, so we allow you to choose what information is shared on Sportversity (you may read more about Sportverse here). We also simply don’t collect personal information other than your name, whether you are in male or female sports, and a short bio (If you wish to share these with us). This info is also optional to share with the community or keep it hidden if you like. Users are also able to upload a profile image and a cover photo.


As with any social network, we allow for a free exchange of ideas through posting. With this, we require your youth player to be at least 13 years of age to sign up. If your youth player is under 13, we encourage you to create an account for them and supervise their learning experience if they are accessing Sportverse.


We do not use any information of yours for advertising purposes, in fact we don’t run any ads at all. If you have additional privacy concerns feel free to reach out to us so we may be transparent in our practices –

What do players get with Sportversity?


  • Access to the Sportverse – messageing, forums, commenting, and more. (Learn more here).
  • Access to hundreds of free video content and the ability to join in on the discussion.
  • Follow your favorite coaches or players and see their activity.

Paid Subscriber:

  • Unlock access to premium professional training content to become a better athlete.
  • New content uploaded monthly from each channel provider.
  • HD training content streamed right to your desktop or mobile device.
  • Keep up to date with the latest drills, tips, and tricks from the best coaches.
  • Complete access to Courses and Forums and direct communication access to your coach or trainer.
  • Gain badges and certifications for completing courses and a chance to be our featured player.